By Tony Wafula

Women in Bungoma County have been asked to visit healthcare facilities and donate blood that will help cancer patients and expectant mothers.

They are the ones who undergo over bleeding during delivery and those involved in tragic road accidents. 

Cancer patients are in a consistent need for blood for many reasons loss of blood during surgery, low blood count due to the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation or anemia, which can be caused by the disease itself.

 Cancer in the blood and bone marrow complications such as leukemia and lymphoma are another reason for a transfusion because the disease does not allow the body to produce normal blood-making cells.

Speaking to the press on Saturday at Bungoma County referral Hospital pediatric section during the world Red Cross day, Carolyn Wangamati, Bungoma first lady said that the three days blood drive target was not achieved as the turnout was low.

“We have managed to collect 70 pints which was contrary to our target, I take this humble opportunity to ask my fellow ladies to turn out whenever asked to donate blood because this blood benefits women most,” she noted.

However, she said that Bungoma County is an endemic malaria, sickle cell anaemia hotspots, adding that residents should avail in huge numbers and donate blood and save lives.

She lauded Bungoma County ministry of health for launching a blood satellite centre that will allow Bungoma to have its own blood screening services.

“The blood bank launched by Health CECM Dr. Walela will serve the entire Western region,” she assured.

She dismissed claims that blood donated by Bungoma residents goes further to serve other people in the neighboring counties assuring that blood goes to Eldoret for screening.

She added that  adequate amount of blood is needed in all health care facilities to meet the urgent need for patients facing trauma and other lifesaving procedures, such as blood transfusions  which saves millions of lives each year.

Mrs. Wangamati said that donating blood is a simple procedure that can be done within an hour.

She appealed to those without health complication to donate blood and save lives.

Larine Orembo, Red Cross Coordinator in Bungoma County said that world red cross day is celebrated every year adding that during the celebration they help the less fortunate in the society and carry out blood donation drives in all health facilities.


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