Six Bungoma MCAs Living In Fear Over Village Admins Hiring Scandal After Area Governor Said This


Six Members of the Bungoma County Assembly are living in fear after the area governor Wycliffe Wangamati allegedly issued threats to them.

The six are believed to be the main actors in the impeachment motion to be presented to the assembly speaker Emmanuel Situma next week.

Already 44 Ward Leaders have signed the petition signaling their efforts to kick out the county boss from the lucrative seat.

Humphrey Sifuna (Bumula), Martin Wanyonyi (Ndivisi), Majimbo Okumu (Khalaba), Tony Barasa (Lwandanyi), Jack Wambulwa (Kimaeti) and Mitua/Soysambu MCA Stephen Wafula are in trouble with the county CEO over employment of village administrators.

While attending Mama Margaret Nabisino Posito burial in Khachonge, Kabuchai constituency, Wangamati termed his decision to recruit Village Admins as unstoppable.

He said that those opposed to the recruitment will be dealt with because he has the FERA blood running in his veins just like his father.

(Fera was a revolutionary group that was opposed to the late President Daniel Moi, It was fighting for multipartism in 19992 and was believed to be led by the governor’s father Patrick Wangamati).

He went further to tell the 7,000 youths who were listed for the village admins jobs to be ready to visit the said MCAs who were opposed to their recruitment.

Wangamati dared ward leaders to impeach him, stating that his decision to recruit Village Administrators is lawful and no person will stop the process.

“If I will be impeached on account of hiring sons and daughters of Bungoma, so be it,” he dared MCAs.

The mention MCAs on Thursday recorded statements at Bungoma South police station and asked the DCI officers to speed up investigations and bring the culprits to book.

Majimbo stated that it was wrong for a county leader to issue statements that threatens their lol Iives.

“We have recorded statements and are waiting to see actions taken against the governor by the relevant authorities, let him stop inciting the public against us,” he warned.

Agriculture executive Mathews Makanda during an interview on a local Fm profiled the six MCAs as a cartel that are fighting the governor by petitioning for his impeachment.

“I know of the five MCAs who are inviting others over the hiring of VAs and are also behind the planned impeachment, we will not tolerate them,” he said.

On Tuesday Bungoma County Assembly MCAs started a process of impeaching Wangamati in what they described as failing to follow the law and its tenets and doing things forcefully without respecting them.

Led by Majority leader Joseph Nyongesa and Khalaba ward MCA Okumu Majimbo, they accused the governor of planning to hire Village Admins without any budget.

The duo noted that they will take plan ‘B’ which will hard for Wangamati for failing to attend the public administration and ICT committee meeting which was intended to grill him over a number of underlying issues.

On Wednesday night, Bumula MCA was attacked by youths on motorbikes who smashed his vehicle as they demanded to know why he was opposing the hiring of village administrators.

Lwandanyi MCA Tony Barasa also claimed to have received a threatening message from a number not saved in his phone asking him to go slow over their move.


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