Here is Namuenge Bukusu darling’s latest video ‘Niwe Wange’, it is hot


Western part of Kenya has produced many artists especially musicians who have rocked the music scenes.

However, majority of them are men leaving female artists out hence they have been reduced into curtain raisers for big names in the music industry.

But for a lady born in Bungoma county some three decades ago, her sky is the limit and she will work her way to success despite many challenges.

Namuenge bukusu darling (Carolina)Real name Carolyne Wekesa born in Mashambani estate in Khalaba ward within Bungoma town nothing is a hindrance to achieve her success.

She is an upcoming artist from Western region by birth.

She has dropped a new video Niwe Wange (You are mine) which is hitting the airwaves, watch and subscribe. 

“Am an upcoming Artist doing music and am also an actress, Singing is my passion since childhood but a just started my recording in June 2020,” she said. 

Carolina states that she started singing as a young girl but grew to love music after watching the likes of Steve Kay performing.

“Music is my talent, i would like to inspire other women who are talented musicians but lack hopes and aspirations to pursue it, let me advise them that there is hope at the end of the tunnel,” she said.

She added that despite the industry being flooded by men, women artists are turning out to be the next big thing.

Namuenge goes on to ask the public not to judge women artists but to offer them support and platforms to showcase their talents.

“It is time women artists should be supported by all means so that they can realize their goals in the music industry, if given platforms we can do better and even overtake our male colleagues,” she said.

Namuenge was inspired to venture into music industry after she saw Western region lacking a woman musician.

“There was no any serious female artist and I felt I can venture into the music industry because am talented, some few I knew were not really serious until I came up,” she said.

The artist added,  “I  just wanted the world to know the best musicians can come from Kenya Western region and I must fulfill it because it has been my dream,”.

So far the Musician has composed and recorded 16 songs within a year, some have not been released yet.

“Am glad some are playing on citizen tv and all our local Tv and Radio stations in Western, that’s a great support thanks too to all my fans who have subscribed to my YouTube channel and keeps following my art, kindly on subscribing,” she urged.

Namuenge performs some of her songs in Kibukusu and a mixture of Kiswahili and English. 

Some of her hit song songs include👇1.Bandu basimane bunulu mbambembambe2.Mumilimo okhoyo weyaye3.Mwamubonekho4.Lets come together5.Birthday and more others including Wedding s, Birthdays, tributes and more others.

“Am a performing Artist who will never disappoint my fans allover, invite me at your event,” she said.
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