‘I Will Recruit Village Admins Mpende Msipende’ Wangamati Tells MCAs, Looming Impeachment Not A Threat


Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati has dared ward leaders to impeach him.

Wangamati states that his decision to recruit Village Administrators is lawful and no person will stop the process.

“If I will be impeached on account of hiring sons and daughters of Bungoma, so be it,” he dared MCAs.

On Tuesday Bungoma County Assembly MCAs indicated to start a process of impeaching Wangamati in what they described as failing to follow the law and its tenets and doing things forcefully without respecting them.

Led by Majority leader Joseph Nyongesa and Khalaba ward MCA Okumu Majimbo, they accused the governor of planning to hire Village Admins without any budget.

The duo noted that they will take plan ‘B’ which will hard for Wangamati for failing to attend the public administration and ICT committee meeting which was intended to grill him over a number of underlying issues.

However, while attending the burial of Mama Margaret Nabisino Posito in Khachonge, Kabuchai constituency, Wangamati termed his decision to recruit Village Admins as unstoppable.

He took issue with a section of the MCAs opposed to the recruitment – terming their excuses “wish washy” and borne of malice, ill-will, malevolence and raw selfishness.

The Governor underscored the need to hire village administrators as a provision of the Constitution, saying they are part of the wider plan for effective service delivery upto to the smallest units in the county. 

“If anyone thinks he can stop the recruitment of our young men and women as Village Admins for one reason or the other, he is completely mistaken,” he said.  


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