Bungoma MCAs Preparing Impeachment Motion Against Wangamati


Members of the Bungoma County Assembly have started preparations to impeach the area governor Wycliffe Wangmati.

This follows what they described as contravening the law, corruption and running the County with an iron fist.

Addressing the press at the County Assembly after making deliberations after Wangamati failed to turn up for grilling over Village Administrators hiring, the MCAs stated that they will not work with the leader who undermines them.

Public Administration and ICT committee had summoned Wangamati to appear before it on May 4, 2021 but he failed to show up but instead wrote a letter to the committee through the County Secretary Joseph Wambati.

Infuriated MCAS accused the area governor of disregarding the law and undermining the Assembly committees by failing to honour the summonses which required him to appear before them for questioning.

Committee Chairman Okumu Majimbo acknowledged that they had received a letter from the County boss through the County secretary which said that the summon against the governor was against the law.

“As we were waiting for the governor to appear before us regarding the hiring of the village administrators he never turned up, he has contravened the provision of article 2 and 3, does not respect the rule of law and does things hapharzadly,”said Majimbo.

Majority leader Joseph Nyongesa accused Wangamati of undermining the MCAs and not following the law and wants to do things his own way.

“We are thinking of doing something against him and we asking Bungoma residents to support our next cause of action against the area CEO for his continued disregard of the law and undermining the assembly,” said Nyongesa.

However, a source within the committee told this writer in confidence that MCAs are preparing an impeachment motion that will be delivered to the speaker of the county assembly by Thursday this week before it is tabled in the floor of the house by next week on Tuesday.

“Wangamati is very proud and full of himself, he has failed to honour several summonses by various house committees, his office has failed to submit several imprests amounting to millions of money,” he said.

The source disclosed that Wangamati’s administration also bought expensive Jerrycans with a 20 litre Jerrycan costing Sh10, 000 to help in fighting Covid-19 pandemic after the national government disbursing Sh213 million in which they have failed to account for.

The source also disclosed that he also employed some of his junior staff and overpaid them without following the law on job groups and education credentials.

Wangamati was to be grilled on the planned hiring of 236 village administrators with the interviews ongoing despite the MCAs claiming that there was no budget for the same.

They wanted him to set the record straight why he had advertised and went ahead to interview potential Village Administrators while understanding very well that he had no budget set aside for them.


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