Nepalese Student Calls For The End Of Gender Based Violence In The World


Sex has always been a facet of women in our society. 

Sex is a biological gift and not predetermined unless some petty tales of culture comes inbounding and it is classified in genders. 

I am not saying the word Gender in itself is a bad word but predated stereotypes cant lead a contemporary society. 

What we as a society can do now?

We need to reflect on our lives as we are living them. It won’t be prepackaged, ready to pull off the shelf we will together have to construct it with the best of our ideologies and education, we will have to account for the darker aspect of the past.

There should be no discrimination that poor children will have to adjust in rickety, unsafe schools with outdated to lesser equipment to study, teachers who aren’t trained in the subjects they teach.

If we do so we are not lying to each other but the future of the country. We aren’t betraying the children but the values we hold.

The policies that consistently favor the wealthy and powerful over average I am against it. 

We have that power to advocate change to the government making it open equal opportunity to all. I believe in evolution, scientific inquiry, and free speech.

I am dusky girl from Nepal. I wouldn’t say people have shamed me for my color on my face but I know deep down that colorism hasn’t ended from the very root level. 

They don’t expressively shame you for color but they do, they shame you for wearing makeup thinking that you wear makeup to hide your natural skin tone. And probably sometimes it’s girls who are shaming another girl. 
We live all day long fighting on issues concerning the GBV and sometimes it’s women who stand against another woman inflicting their own status on society.
I want people to understand just this simple fact that as long as you are not harming someone it’s your choice whether you choose to wear makeup or whether you go bare face. Life is already so very hard how can we choose to be anything but kind?
Poverty is romanticized by some fools thinking that poor people are rich at hearts but trust me there are good rich people and bad poor people just like there are some good poor people and bad rich people. 
I myself come from a middle-class family and I have this audacity to tell that it’s really hard to keep up with people of this modern privileged society when you are poor. 
We as an organization together want to advocate in security matters.
Untreated mental illness disrupts interpersonal relationships, employment, and stable housing. 

It is a high-risk factor involving public nuisance issues such as the homeless population, domestic violence, substance abuse, and childhood behavioral problems. 
Untreated mental illness-related problems overburden hospital emergency rooms, prisons and jails, and taxes law enforcement services.

Mental illness symptoms must be identified as early as possible as untreated symptoms continue and worsen over time. 

Early mental illness diagnosis and treatment are essential to reduce the amount of damage and negative consequences an untreated mental illness can create over someone’s lifetime.

I take pride in standing for the victims of justice. I am going to advocate the necessary measures that need to be taken to end all the GBV, sexual violence, security matters, conflict cases, and trauma counseling.
She is currently advocating and helping the CDS organization to achieve these milestones. 
She is a 1st-year law student from Kathmandu University School Of Law. She has also written a blog in Indian National Law Review under the aegis of Justice Dipak Misra Former Chief Justice of India. 
Community Development And Sustainability Organization (CDS )Kenya has also been on the forefront in fighting Gender Based Violence in Bungoma County and it’s environs.
CDS Kenya executive director Peter Chem states that with their advocacy campaigns they have managed to address GBS issues in Mt.Elgon especially Cheptais Sub County.
“As a human rights lobby group we are fighting for a equal society where no gender will be discriminated at all,” said Chem


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