Bungoma Liberation Boss Bails Out A Lady From Prison After Two Months


Bungoma Liberation Boss  Zack Baraza on Tuesday bailed out a lady who has been in Prison for two Months.

The lady identified as Ebby Wekesa from Chebukaka in Kabuchai constituency was full of happiness after she was rescued from Bungoma Women GK prison.

She had been send to correctional facility after she had been arrested for allegedly brewing and selling local brew.

Local brew known as Chang’aa and Busaa has been prohibited by the national government.

The government says that the brew has ruined many families leading to divorce while youths who overdrink it have been declared redundant.

Ebby has been in prison since February 13, 2021 on allegations of brewing Chang’aa.

She had been slapped with Sh5,000 cash bail but her family could not raise the court fee leading to her incarceration in prison.

“Today I have managed to bail her out after settling the Sh5,000 cash, she is out now, I thank those people who raised the issue to my desk, I will continue standing and supporting the less fortunate people in the county,” said Baraza.

However, Ebby claims that she wasn’t part of the drunkards because she was on the road when she was arrested.

“l was not drinking nor I wasn’t part of drunkard’s taking Chang’aa, I was just passing on the road when police officers pounced on me, I thank Baraza for bailing me out,” she said.

Baraza stated that he will ensure the lady gets justice, the family being poor was unable to raise the cash bail.


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