Worshippers of Namanje Catholic Church in Siboti ward were all smiles as an area politician donated building material.

Jack Wanami Wamboka joined  worshippers of Namanje Catholic church in Siboti for spiritual nourishment. 

During the service he advanced his support towards the house of God by he donating 20 bags of cement towards construction of the Church.

The Church leadership had requested his hand in constructing the house God and he did so with humility.

“I value the Church very much, it has helped me to reach where am now, I will always praise him by helping churches in Bumula,” said Wamboka.

As part of improving education agenda in Bumula, he cleared fees for Bravin Wanyonyi a needy but bright student of Bisuche secondary school.

“Through my foundation I have so far helped over 200 students from my Sh2 million kitty, the bursary will help majority students who had no chance to complete their studies due to financial constraints,” said Wamboka.

He quoted the famous Nigerian author Chinua Achebe “When we gather together in the moonlit village ground it is not because of the moon. Every man can see it in his own compound. We come together because it is good for kinsmen to do so,”.

Wamboka last evening also took his engagement to Mabusi community stakeholders in pursuit of their blessings and guidance ahead of 2022. 

He appreciated the vital role Wazees play in the Society and urged them to solidly  continue playing a lead role in matters social, economic and political.

As a way of holistically helping combat the spread of Covid-19 pandemic, he also distributed face masks and encouraged them to observe  guidelines.

“Wamboka will not tire to provide alternative leadership solutions to Bumula people through his agendas of Health, education, food security and proper housing,” he said.


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