Wamboka Contributes Sh170,000 To Boost Mama Mbogas Business In Khasoko, Bumula Constituency


A Bumula politician Jack Wanami Wamboka has employed a different approach that is yielding fruits daily.

The philanthropist who is a darling of the majority nowadays has been crisscrossing the vast constituency meeting and funding different groups to pursue businesses of their interests.

A part from issuance of bursary money to needy students through the Wanami Wamboka Foundation, he has been fundraising for Churches, merry go round groups, boda bodas, Community voluntary groups and so many others.

Today Wamboka was in  Khasoko location at mama Mbogas’ Prof Edward’s place in Lubunda Village where he met a sizeable number of small scale business women.

“This is a formidable and solid business  wing that had come together not only to  get ways of holistically combating the spread of the virus but also discuss on various measures to put their  business  back to limelight after  being hit by the pandemic,” said Wamboka. 

As a way of empowering  small  businesses ,Hon Jack  contributed  ksh170,000 towards rejuvenating their  business and boosting  their stock.

He also distributed face masks to all the attendants as a way of combating  the spread of the deadly global pandemic.

Wambokas’ campaign  strategy  is centered  towards empowering  the community through his Wamboka foundation defined  by housing pillar, Health, food security, SMES and education pillar that has seen him support over 200 students so far on full scholarship.


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