Vocal Ndivisi MCA Attacked By Unknown People Over This


An elected member of the Bungoma County Assembly is living in fear following an attempted attack by unknown people.

Ndivisi MCA Martin Wanyonyi alleges that his attempted attack was planned and executed by a senior Bungoma county government official.

Wanyonyi claims that the incident took place at Minata hotel in Webuye town at about 9pm on Thursday night.

“A number of youths who had been contracted to end my life had been positioned within the hotel environment, as I was leaving, they emerged from nowhere and started slapping me, luckily I had already entered my car and sped off,” he said.

The ward leader who is also a national official with the organization protecting people with albinism stated that the attack as been occasioned by his unwavering fight against corruption.

“If speaking truth and fighting for people’s rights will end my life so be it, I was elected to protect people’s resources,” he said.

Wanyonyi alias investor has been vocal on matters affecting the county government and as fearlessly stood out to speak against any form of oppression.

He has since reported the matter at Webuye Police station and asked the officers to investigate the matter and bring the culprits to book.

“I know a senior county government official from Webuye is hiring goons to attack me but am not stopping any soon, I must stand with my people,” he said.

Wanyonyi claims that the same official planned for his attack in Lugulu during the burial of the former Trade Chief Officer Christine Wasike but the intelligence officers had already warned him in advance and he kept off.

He has been vocal speaking about the postponement of ECD teachers and VTC Tutors interviews by the County Public Service Board members.

The interviews were postponed from April 21 to June 2 in what they termed as trying to control the spread of Covid-19.

However, Wanyonyi said that the executive is buying time and using crooked ways to shortchange ECD and VTC tutors and instead use the budgetary allocation to employ Village administrators.

Wanyonyi while writing on his Facebook page, said as the legislators and representative of the People, We are much aware of a deliberate move to frustrate the ongoing recruitment of ECDE teachers and VTCs instructors.

He said that the top leadership of the county has moved allocated funds from the ministry of Education to Public Service and Administration for the recruitment of the village admins. 

“The ongoing process of recruiting ECDE teachers and VTCs was timely budgeted for, legal and legitimate,” he said.

Wanyonyi added, “As  assembly with the power and trust bestowed upon us and the sacred duty of protecting the constitution we won’t allow the cancellation of a legal process to pave way for  conducting an illegal process of recruitment of village admins,”.

The ward leader added, “On this, we will argue, we will defend, we will uphold the rule of law and we will defend the right of the young people of Bungoma who had prepared themselves for this interviews,”. 


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