Dr.Walela: Eldoret And Kisumu Saves Former Western Province As It Lacks Blood Transfusion Centre


Patients who need life saving blood products in the former Western Province have been having it rough as the region lacks a blood transfusion centre.

Speaking during the launch of the construction of the blood bank, Bungoma County Health and Sanitation CEC Dr.Antony Walela says it is a milestone for the devolved unit.

Dr.Walela said that the construction of the blood bank will cost Sh10 million and will be completed within 7 months.

“Today we launched the construction of Bungoma Blood Bank, Blood and Blood products are life saving commodities in Healthcare,” he said.

Dr.Walela stated that there is no Blood transfusion centre in Former Western Province.

Western region depends on  Eldoret and Kisumu which are the nearest blood transfusion centres.

“That means all blood collected/harvested in Bungoma has to be taken to Eldoret for testing, and processing to Blood products,” he said.

Dr.Walela added, “Blood cannot be manufactured and yet it is critical in emergencies, Theatre, Sickle cell, Anaemias etc,”.

Dr.Walela pointed out that many may assume that this is one ( launch of the construction of the blood bank) of those small projects until it saves the life of a mother giving birth. 

“This is another milestone in the administration of Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati,” he wrote.

Majority hospitals in Western region depend on Blood transfusion centres in Eldoret and Kisumu to help their serious ill patients.

Bungoma has big hospitals like Bungoma County Referral Hospital, Webuye County hospital, Chwele, Kapsokwony and Kimilili sub hospitals yet they all depend on Moi Teaching and Referral hospital for blood transfusion. 


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