Waluke Dismisses Calls By Wetang’ula To Rejoin Ford Kenya, Says He Is OK In Jubilee (UDA)


Bungoma Senator Moses Wetang’ula has been dealt a blow after a Jubilee Mp refused to join his party.

Sirisia Mp John Waluke categorically stated that he won’t join Ford Kenya because the party frustrated him some years back.

Wetang’ula and Kabuchai Mp Majimbo Kalasinga had asked Waluke to dump Jubilee party and join the homegrown party that has the resident’s interests at heart.

“Ford Kenya is the home grown party and it is time all Bungoma politicians joined to strengthen it, am asking all of us to support this party,” he said. 

The Ford Kenya party leader pointed out that many regional leaders are creating parties that will give them bargaining power and it is time regional politicians embraced their own parties’ in order to enjoy a fair playing ground politically.

Kalasinga said that FK party is growing and needs local leaders supporting other parties to rejoin it so that they can make it firm in the region.

“Ford Kenya party is our party, let us join it to enjoy services and have the bargaining power in future,” he challenged.

However, Waluke dismissed any plan of rejoining Fk adding that the party lost its glory long time ago and it is just a pale shadow of its former self.

“I better move to United Democratic Alliance party from Jubilee rather than rejoining Ford Kenya, the local party has no grip on the ground and that is why Jubilee party won many seats than in the County than FK,” he said.

Waluke asked Wetang’ula to concentrate on selling FK Kenya countrywide rather than asking elected leaders on other party to join it.


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