See the number of People Who have so far Died in Bungoma in 2021 From Covid-19 and those who tested Positive


Governor Wycliffe Wangamati has called on residents of Bungoma to be alive to the threat of Covid-19, even warning that the situation is getting worse by the day.

Speaking in a joint press conference with County Commissioner Mr Samuel Kimiti at the County Head Office, Wangamati said the positivity rate in the County has grown from 13 per cent last year to 20 per cent in 2021 – painting a grimacing face of the third wave of Covid-19. 
According to Wangamati, the County screened some 4,658 people last year out of which 650 people tested positive for Covid-19 with 16 deaths from Covid-19 related complications.
This year, the County has screened some 529 people, out of which 110 people tested positive with seven deaths so far.
The Governor called on residents to continue observing the Ministry of Health protocols on Covid-19 including masking up in public, washing hands, avoiding crowded places and physical contact like handshakes.

The Governor also highlighted the County’s preparedness to deal with the pandemic including but not limited to provision of water points for hand-washing in markets.
He also said that there is availability of quarantine and isolation centres across the County as well as availability of ICU facilities for critical cases both at the County Referral Hospital and through a partnership with Lifecare and Bungoma West hospitals.
Updating on the status of Covid-19 vaccine, Wangamati said Bungoma received some 12,000 doses of AstraZeneca with which some 10,000 people have so far been vaccinated.
They include some 2,633 health-care workers, 566 security officers, 2,177 teachers, and another 4,009 people above 58 years. 
He urged residents to visit the 9 sub counties and Bungoma County Referral Hospital for the vaccine. 
Also administering the vaccine at no cost include private hospital among them Lifecare, Bungoma West, St Domiano, Kory Hospital, Lugulu Mission Hospital and Dreamland. 

The Governor, however, noted that by the end of the week, the County will have run out of the Covid-19 vaccines. 
On his part, the County Commissioner warned of dire consequences for anyone caught flouting Covid-19 regulations. 
He ordered the police Commander to arrest and charge in court anyone walking in public without a mask on or any measures among them a curfew designed to check the spread of the pandemic. 
He also directed that all businesses provide water points to customers for hand-washing and put on notice three bars notorious for operating beyond the curfew hours. 
Kimiti also directed chiefs and sub chiefs to ensure burials are done within 72 hours of death with no more than 50 people in attendance.


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