Wamboka Contributes Sh150,000 to boost mama mbogas business in Lunao, Bumula


A Bumula constituency politician Jack Wanami Wamboka has contributed Sh150,000 to boost mama mbogas business in Lunao.

This comes at the wake where majority small scale business people have been affected by the surge in covid-19 disease.
During the impromptu  funds drive on Sunday morning, Wamboka called on the beneficiaries to invest the contributed cash wisely for them to reap big in future.

“I have seen many businesses failing due to corona and other effects, I am aware of what you people are passing through, you lack capital, but this is just a start, I will be visiting you regularly to ensure you grow,” he said.
The philanthropist stated that as away of empowering small businesses  and ensure they recoup from their trade.

The event that took place in Bumula  location at Mama Catherine  Wafula’s home attracted scores of women who hailed Wamboka for his philanthropic assistance.
“This is a formidable  and solid business  wing that had come together not only to  get ways of holistically combating  the spread of the virus but also discuss on various measures to put their  business  back to limelight after  being hit by the pandemic,” said Wamboka. 

Just like Wamboka foundation that has seen over 200 students benefit, Wamboka will be running these business  women empowerment  programme henceforth  in the entire  constituency.


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