Reprieve For Two Orphaned Students In Bumula As Wamboka Clears Their Annual School Fees


A renowned philanthropist and Bumula politician Jack  Wamboka has cleared school fees for two secondary school orphans.

Speaking while mourning with the family of a Mr. Sikuku for the lose of their son Hope Sikuku a pupil at Mechimeru primary school in Muanda sub location in South Bukusu ward, Wamboka paid school fees for an orphan student.
In line with Wamboka’s education agenda, he cleared  fees  for several  students including Mercylene Simiyu, a form two student at Siloba secondary school who is a needy partial orphan and sister  to the deceased.

This is after he had joined Kabula  community to mourn with the family  of his friend and brother in law Marvin Wamalwa in Wamumali  area.

Wamalwa was a renowned environmentalist who fought for the restoration of Mt.Elgon forest cover.He used the Jumbo charge fete that was held annually to sensitize area residents and the county government in restoring the once depleted forest true planting trees.

He used the car racing event to attract many people including organizations in protecting and restoring the forest cover.The event mostly took place in Cheptais Ward, Mt Elgon constituency.
“I love education, it is the only key to fight ignorance and poverty, that is why I will strive to ensure that i help the under preveleged people in the community through Wanami  Wamboka foundation,” he said.
Wamboka later proceeded to mourn  with West Bukusu ward residents  for the lose of Mzee Munyekenye in Kimwanga. 

During the event he also took the opportunity to clear school fees for Purity  Nabalayo of St Marys Sosio secondary.
She the daughter to the late Mzee Munyekenye under Wamboka  foundation, a programme that has seen over 200 students benefit  so far in Bumula constituency.
After mourning  with  Kibuke  residents, Wamboka later joined residents of Kimaeti ward, Pamoja CBO in the quest to battle COVID-19.

Siboti Pamoja CBO had come together  to contribute money to buy masks, Sanitizers, Soap and other  equipments as matters Covid 19 is concerned. 
Wamboka urged area residents to observe measures as advised in order to combat the spread of the deadly disease before he proceeded to Kabula for CHV meeting.


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