High School Principal Expels Six KCSE candidates for allegedly buying biscuits from a hawker


Six Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) candidates have been send home by their principal in Bungoma County.

The six students from Bungoma Baptist girls high school are alleged to have bought biscuits from a hawker contrary to school rules.
The Saturday incident has been condemned by parents who termed the incident as barbaric and inhuman.
Catherine Waswa, one of the guardians stated that her niece had been expelled at the hour of need when they were sitting their national examinations which started on Friday.
“They are all boarders because the school has a boarding facility, why should they be send home when they are sitting their national examinations?,” she posed.
Miss Waswa added, “We tried to explain and pleaded for leniency on behalf of our girl but in vain, the Principal could not stomach none of our explanations,”.
She added that the principal questioned why they had bought biscuits from a hawker while they have the school canteen which serves those with pocket money.
But one parent said that the canteen is operated by the Principal and she wanted to enrich herself with it.
“It is against the government rules for a principal to run a shop or a canteen within the school compound, it amounts to conflict of interest,” he said.

The parent stated that the six students who have been told to trek daily from home and go to sit for their examinations were also thoroughly beaten, denied food and forced to sleep in the staff room before they were send parking on Sunday.
However, the school Principal Wendy Magara directed this writer to Bungoma South Sub County education director for more information.
“My boss has the whole information as to why they were send home, I will not comment, he will get you all the details, ” she said. 
The parents are now calling on the education cabinet secretary Prof.George Magoha to intervene and have students sit their exams in school to help them in revising.
“They might not concentrate in their revision work following the change in the environment, it will also interfere with their studying system,” said a parent.
The Principal has been in the news all for the wrong reasons, in February 2019, she expelled a 19 year’s old orphaned form four student for allegedly falling pregnant.
The student who hailed from Sinoko village in Bungoma town was then staying with her aunt after her mother and father passed on.
Efforts by the guardian to have her nephew continue with her studies were all thwarted by the principal.
“We didn’t know that she was pregnant but we realized it through a miscarriage, then we thought it wise that she continues with her studies but in vain,” said Grace Nambuye the guardian. 
The girl later sat her national examination at Mabanga girls high school after some organizations intervened.

Efforts to get a comment from Bungoma South Sub County director of education Edwin Ong’injo were futile as he didn’t respond to messages send to his phone. 


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