Police In Bungoma Rescue Two Children After The Late Tale Nabangi’s Wife Did This


Two children were rescued on Friday evening after a land lady locked them inside her rental house and welded both the front and back doors.
The girls aged between 10 and 3 years spend five hours in the locked house until their mother who is a saloonist came back home at 5pm.

“When I came back, I found the doors to my rented house welded by unknown people but reports indicate my land lady accampanied some welders and did this to my children,” said Violet Wanzala.
The victim stated that the wife to the late Kabuchai politician Tale Nabangi, Catherine Malaba, hired some welders from Kanduyi market to seal the doors over accrued rent.
She reported the matter at Bungoma police station where police officers led by Bungoma South OCS Moses Munyoki intervened by breaking the doors of the rental houses situated in Mewa estate within Kanduyi and saved the extremely terrified children.

“This is inhuman, if the land lady felt annoyed, she could have employed other techniques of moving out the tenant, welding the doors while children are inside is itself criminal in nature,” said Munyoki.
He added, “What about if fire broke out in these house, how would have these children have been saved?”.
Police officers using all sorts of crude weapons later broke into the house and rescued the children.

Munyoki stated that they are going to open a case against the land lady for failing to observe human rights law.
“This is wrong, we will not take it lightly, so that it serves a lesson to other heartless house owners, we will not allow this to continue taking place,” said the OCS.

The 9pm incident attracted many people who came to see for themselves what was taking place within their neighbourhood. 


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