CAS Wafukho: Plans Complete to Erect Masinde Muliro Statue in Kitale


They say that honouring icons after their death creates blessings and maintains history for future generations.

This is exactly what many Kenyans have been doing in honour of great people who made history so that such leaders should be remembered.
One such guy is the recently appointed National Treasury and Planning CAS Eric Wafukho with other unmentioned people who decided to come up with a statue of a Bukusu community icon and legendary Masinde Muliro.
History has it that Muliro was among key Africans who resisted colonialists takeover during independence.

According to the internet, Masinde Muliro was born on June 30, 1922 and died on August 14, 1992, he was a Kenyan politician, one of the central figures in the shaping of the political landscape in Kenya.

He was a renowned anti-colonial activist, he campaigned for the restoration of multi-party democracy in Kenya in his later years.
So Wafukho and a group of other people came up with an idea whose end results has been very successful.

They mobilized for funds, digged deep for history of Muliro and eventually came up with his statue which will be remembered for years.
Finally the statue will be erected in Kitale town which is considered Muliro’s home town.
This is what Wafukho had to write; After a long period of research and  consultations with elders, family, friends  and the public on characteristics that should be captured when putting together a statue in honour of Hon. Henry Pius Masinde Muliro.
“I am glad to announce as Head of Research for Bukusu Council of Elders and lead researcher and coordinator of this project that we are in the last stages of completing the 1.5 tonnes metal statue and having it erected in Kitale town,” he said. 

Wafukho added, “I would like to thank everyone who gave feedback and support that was very useful in this work that was undertaken under the guidance of the leadership of Trans Nzoia county,”. 
Be blessed all of you. 
He also revealed that accompanying the statue is a book on Bukusu culture and the history of Masinde Muliro the man as narrated by those who knew him.


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