Corruption Hits Webuye East CDF as Staff Allegedly Benefit From bursary Kitty, Residents Planning a Demo


Residents of Webuye East Constituency are up in arms over glaring graft in the CDF-Bursary kitty where Millions of shillings have allegedly been embezzled.

Led by Robert Kakai, a resident of Malomonye village have raised a serious corruption case where they are calling for Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission sleuths to swing into action and investigate and bring the culprits to book.
“The CDF bursary kitty is not benefitting area learners but it is instead benefiting a worker at the office of the area deputy county commissioner, Personal Assistant to area Mp and a section of the CDF office staffs,” said Kakai.
The documents in possession of this writer shows the glaring theft of public funds by a few people who are out to benefit themselves instead of serving the public.

“We will not keep quite when the public funds are being misused, we won’t allow funds to go to waste as we watch, let the culprits carry their burden, we are organizing a mother of all demonstrations soon,” added Kakai.
In the case of outright theft from the public coffers, a learning institution was awarded Sh15,000 with the cheque number 013394 while the applicant and the institution bears the same name.
Both the applicant is Cardinal Otunga girls high school while the name of institution remains the same.
The Webuye East sub county Deputy County Commissioner Driver Philip Anyembe’s son was awarded Sh10, 000 bursary under cheque number 013205.
The son schools at Butere boy’s high school.
At the centre of controversy is the Member of Parliament Personal Assistant Lincoln Barasa who is the greatest beneficiary from the loot.

At the centre of the conflict of interest is the PA’s Son and daughter who are the beneficiary of the kitty.
His daughter Betty Barasa who schools at Ibubi Girls high school was awarded Sh10,000 bursary through Cheque number 013225 while his son
Rayfield Barasa of Kolanya boys high school got the same money through cheque number 013238.
Several cheques were also signed and taken by Barasa and they include that of
Daniela Khamisi of Keveye girls high school of Sh10,000 under cheque number 013229.
He took cheques with several fake names and they include that of Adonetic Sambu of Ndivisi girls Cheque Number 013305 of Sh20,000.

The same name appears on St Francis Makemo high school under Adonetic Nekesa Wambulwa having received Sh6,000 under cheque number 013356.
The cheques are said to favour certain schools where they collude with the school bursar’s.
MP’s Deputy Personal Assistant Martin Namawanga, took a cheque number 013284 for Zipporah Namaemba Mabonga of Namawanga Bahai girls girls high for Sh10,000.
In collaboration with the Accountant Mildred Barasa with one staff in the DCs office Webuye East Mr. Erick Weche they took a cheque for Derrick Akwabi of St.Lukes Kimilili boys cheque number 013322 of Sh10,000 and also signed another cheque for Delvin Okumu of the same school.

They also signed a doubtful cheque name for Khasoa Miriam Ali of Kibabii university Cheque Number 013137 of Sh30,000.
Weche was also awarded a cheque worthy Sh20,000 under cheque number 013184 for school fees at Skylink College of accountancy where he is a student.
Weche also took over 20 Cheques for himself.
The game is is well organized and orchestrated at the DCs office between the CDF Manager Allan Chemayiek and Accountant Mildred Barasa.
Reports indicate that the Fund manager has been transferred several times but had managed to cancel several transfers after digging deep into his well oiled pockets.
They are taking advantage of the aged area Mp Alfred Sambu who has been instructed to restrict movement due to the global pandemic Covid-19.
The same CDF fund manager has announced to vie for a parliamentary seat in Mt Elgon constituency in 2022.
He is said to have launched several projects in the region that might give him an upper under against the current Mp Fred Kapondi.
Bursaries in from Webuye East are alleged to have sponsored many students in Mt.Elgon.
“He has financially empowered more students in Mt Elgon than those from Webuye East constituency, ” said Kakai.
Currently Webuye East CDF board is up in arms over the fund manager but he is allegedly being protected by the CEO CDF board in Nairobi.

At the centre of embezzlement is a CDF staff whose daughter Sharon Ngurete schools at Lutacho secondary school and was awarded Sh10,000 under Cheque Number 013255.
Another beneficiary is Alexina Mawelele a CDF employee who schools at Sang’alo Institute of Science and Technology who awarded herself Sh10,000 under cheque number 013179.
Efforts to get comments from the funds manager and the PA were futile as they didn’t pick calls.


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