Bumula Youth Leader Lands a Well Paying Job in Government


A youth in Bumula Sub County Bungoma County has landed a well paying job in the ministry of National Treasury and Planning.

Rodgers Wangila Wabomba from Kabula Ward as been picked as the Personal Assistant to Cabinet Administrative Secretary Eric Wafukho.
Wabomba as been instrumental in impacting positively to agriculture in Western region through training various farmers on the emerging new agricultural skills.
He has been firm in fighting for the food security in the country.
Taking to social media Wafukho stated that it was part of his commitment to mentor and create opportunities for youth to serve at the highest levels in this country.
“I am glad to have Rogers Wabomba Wangila join my team at the office of CAS in the Ministry  National Treasury and Planning, Wabomba will serve as PA in charge of technical matters,” he announced.
Wabomba graduated in 2017 from Meru University with Bsc Agronomy and has been instrumental in helping young people in leadership mentoring programs and challenging them to embrace agricultural value chains. 

“Please join me in welcoming Wabomba to a fast lane,” said Wafukho.
While acknowledging his appointment, Wabomba wrote; “Hello friends, thank you for your kind words and best wishes.
I wish to take this opportunity to give my sincere gratitude to the following for having seen me through for my new role as The PA to Cabinet Administrative Secretary (CAS) National Treasury,”.

He added “It has sincerely taken the grace of God Almighty to be where I am today. Indeed, Put all your plans to God and He will establish your success. 
Having given me this position, I ask for God’s wisdom, guidance and humility to serve his people,”.
Wabomba said that he first met with Hon Wafukho 3 years ago in Bungoma at Tuutis’ hotel where he was doing a presentation on Youth and Agribusiness before Luhya professionals. 

“Immediately after my presentation, Hon Wafukho straight walked towards me hugged me and congratulated me warmly for perfect art, passion and presentation,” he wrote.
Wabomba continued, “Since then, we have been in close touch and grown my relationship with him. However, it never hit my mind that one day he will entrust me with this position,”.
“I sincerely wish to appreciate and thank him for having trust and confidence  in me and i promise to serve  in the position diligently and grow the brand further,”.
He stated that having been born, schooled and bred in Kabula, he was highly indebted to his family for having held his hand high throughout his education, entrepreneurship and all life journey. 
“I am here because of your support system and prayers. As a true son, together we shall stride forward to better times. I will do my best for You,” he said.
“I wish to thank the people of Bungoma whom I have traveled around in instilling farming skills, selling honey and engaging in other areas especially Bungoma and Bumula professionals for having mentored me to this level,” he said. 
“I have received hundreds of calls and messages from you all and I sincerely appreciate your best wishes to me. Whenever i walk and go, I carry along a part of you, Continue walking with me,” he added.
To my youths, since my leadership at Meru University, to Bumula Youths (BUCOYA), Bungoma and all youths, my win is your win. 
“It is a great opportunity for us all. Always remember to do something positive as you await for your chance, because it will definitely come. God’s time is the best,” Wabomba affirmed.

Lastly to my farmers, it is you who positively  positioned me in this public  space. 
“This opportunity only draws my services closer to you contrary to what you are imagining. We shall empower our extension officers better and our service  will be more devolved to reach you.May God Bless you all as we walk together,” he wrote. 


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