Busia has been included in the second batch of counties to benefit from a modern stadium, Chief Administrative Secretary for Sports, Heritage and Culture Zack Kinuthia has revealed.

In a follow-up of the Busia County sports Academy Development Strategy meeting with a team from the County Government of Busia held at Serena Hotel, the CAS said the National Government will construct a modern stadium.

Kinuthia said it’s part of the National Government’s plans to build modern stadia in all the 47 counties, with phase one of selected counties nearing completion.

Busia has been the bedrock of football in the region with top players including Victor Wanyama, McDonald Mariga, JJ Masiga, Wilberforce Mulamba, Robert Matano, Vince Ombiji among others hailing from the county.

With plans to build state art stadium, the youth will be major beneficiaries as they endeavour to tap their talents; currently the county boasts of Busia County and Malaba stadiums which are currently hosting County and Division Two Leagues.

Busia County Deputy County Secretary, Evalyne Ikwii who led the County delegation that included Sports and Culture excutive, Dr Janet Manyasi and Chief Office Joe Maurice Odundo said plans for a modern stadium in the county will herald a new chapter in promoting the game among the youth in the county.

Apart from construction of a stadium, the DCS said they the National Government in partnership with other donors will construct a youth sports Academy, a library and promote cultural and heritage sites in the county.

Ms Ikwii said the County Government of Busia will strive to ensure the welfare of the youths is top on its agenda considering that they constitute the majority in the county.

Sports Executivec Dr Janet Manyasi said they are prioritising youth activities in the the department with a bid to tap their talents and empower them socially and economically.

Busia Governor H.E Sospeter Ojaamong is giving youth development a priority and has instructed the technical team to ensure that his administration delivers to the youth.


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