Bungoma East Knut Boss Now Eyes the Union Top Seat


Mr.Aggrey Namisi, Knut National Executive Council member Western region has announced to vie for the Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) Chairmanship in the next elections.

This follows the retirement of the union National Chairman Wycliffe Omuchei and the seat must be brought back to Western region.
“I will be going for the union national chairmanship to create room for other unionist to also grow, Bungoma needs a leader at the top of the union,” he said

Speaking during the Ng’arisha Sacco Annual Delegates Meeting held at Farm View Hotel in Busia town he said that since 1957 the steering position has not entered Bungoma County.”More people have tried before but they failed to clinch the seat at the national level, I have am picked I will continued fighting for their rights,” he said.
The Bungoma East Knut executive secretary stated that teachers are very influential and they have been pushing for other people’s agendas but when it comes to them being fronted they are sidelined.

“Let teachers wake up and vie for different political seats, if Building, Bridges Initiative bill goes through even the Mac’s will wield a lot of powers and will control a lot of funds, go for it in 2022,” he advised.
He added, “We need to have many elected leaders in our midst come 2022, when we meet in such Ng’arisha Sacco in 2023 we must have many elected members here so that it adds weight to the Sacco operations,” said Namisi.

The unionist pointed out that the wrangles in Knut have been brought about by delocalization.
“It is alleged that when a teacher is delocalized he cannot be elected and they are the people who try hard to bring down the Sacco leadership hence it can lead to it closing its doors,” he said.
His sentiments were echoed by Bungoma South Knut executive secretary Kenneth Ngangah who that said people from Western region should wake up and compete in the national politics.

“Bungoma teachers should wake up and be counted, let’s go for bigger seats in the national platform, we aren’t lesser beings,” he said
Executive secretary Bungoma North Chrispinus Sifuna said that Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) is there and will continue operating in the country.
“Somebody is trying to kill Knut but he or she won’t succeed, the 62 years old union won’t be killed just like that, there will be light at the end of the tunnel,” he said.
Sifuna stated that they will not allow anybody to kill Knut and they will fight for its existence.

“By the end of the year all the 188 Knut members will be back to the Union and strengthen it to accommodate other members,” said the Unionist.
Moses Masika executive secretary Bungoma West called on all Unionist in the region to unite and elect one of them in the national platform.

“We have the power to push for one of us to represent us on the national politics, this way, we will get a chance to take over other regional seats,” said Masika.


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