Thank You All For Electing Majimbo, Kabuchai Mp–Wetang’ula


Bungoma Senator Moses Wetang’ula has lauded Kabuchai residents for turning up in large numbers and electing Majimbo Kalasinga their new member of parliament.

Addressing the press in his Namuyemba village home in Kanduyi constituency, the Ford Kenya party leader stated that it was through the faith Kabuchai people had in him that they elected Kalasinga.

He thanked Kabuchai people for turning up and exercising their democratic rights by electing the leader with the right manifestos for them.

“Am very grateful to you people, you have bestowed your trust in me and Ford Kenya party by electing Majimbo, this shows that our party is very strong and we will clinch so many seats in 2022,” he said.

The Kabuchai by-election was occasioned by the death of the late Mp James Mukwe Lusweti who was buried in mid-December 2020 at his home in Sanandiki near Chwele town.

Majimbo emerged the winner in the Thursday mini polls by garnering over 19,000 votes while his closest rival Evans Kakai got 6,400.

Wetang’ula said that it was a contest between MCAs and members of parliament in the county and you know very well who the victors are.

“We carried out a very vigorous and active campaign in the grassroots and we had scarce resources but still we managed to emerge victors, these MCAs committed their time to campaign for Kalasinga,” he said.

He condemned the high octane bribery that was displayed by their rivals but still they managed to defeat them despite having millions of money to bribe voters.

Ford Kenya is not just a commercial party but our heritage which has attracted all MCAs who were also elected to other parties and soon they will consolidate all leaders and invite them because the party is open to everybody.

“We will not segregate anybody and will always invite all and sundry to the party so that they can strengthen it and ensure uit grows further,” he said.

The elect Mp Majimbo called on his rivals to now join him to rebuild Kabuchai so that they can develop it.

“Am very grateful for Kabuchai people who turned up overwhelmingly and vote for him, it showed the trust you had in me, let’s work together and steer the constituency into greater heights,” said Majimbo.


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