Wamboka Rescues KCPE Candidate Found Selling Local Liquor in Bumula Constituency


A Bumula politician and philanthropist Jack Wanami Wamboka has rescued a Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) candidate.

Eve Ikasolon of Kimaeti primary school was rescued after her story went viral.
Eve is a  class 8 candidate from Namawanga village in Kimaeti ward.
Her story went viral on social media  platforms after she was intercepted  by the area Asst Chief Mrs Brigit Kong’ani  while selling local brew. 
On close examination by the administration, it was found out that the mothe to the girl was serving over 6 months behind the bars after she was convicted selling local brew leaving  the daughter with no basic help.

She also opted to venture into the same illegal business to meet her basic needs. 
Wamboka intervened by clearing the outstanding fees for the girl by paying her boarding fees and help her be absorbed in boarding section.
He bought her basic needs and subsequently absorbed her in Wanami Wamboka Scholarship  programme that will see her benefit entirely in her academic journey. 

“This is a girl who had been mocked by many people for indulging in illegal trade of selling liquor, she didn’t choose to do that business, it is poverty that led her to do it,” said Wamboka.

The Principal Chief Mr. Siafu, after being  compelled  by the philanthropic action of Hon Wamboka got touched and bought  a pair of uniform for the girl.
Wamboka highly appreciated the asst  chief Mrs Brigit, retired Chief Mr Kasis and other school administration for bringing the issue to his attention for help.


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