Kimilili Mp Tells Kenyans to vote ‘No’ to BBI Bill in the Referendum


A vocal Mp from Western Kenya has called on Kenyans not to pass the BBI constitutional amendment Bill.

Kimilili Mp Didmus Barasa told Kenyans not to pass the BBI because MCAs were bribed to pass it in the assemblies.
“You saw for yourself how our President Uhuru Kenyatta bribed them with Sh2 million each to pass the bill, what have you received to vote for it?,” posed Barasa.
The law maker who subscribes to deputy President William Ruto ideologies said that the document is not good for Kenyans and it will hurt them in future if passed.
He called on Kenyans to vote against it once it passes in parliament.
“You have got the chance to show leaders that they can’t decide for you, you got the right to show them that you are the boss, don’t pass something that will hurt you through increasing the wage bill,” he said.
The first time Jubilee Mp continued, “The referendum gives you a chance to exercise your democratic rights, if the document is good, why were MCAs bribed to pass it in assemblies?,”.

So far 38 county assemblies have passed the BBI Constitutional amendment bill whereas only the law only requires 24 counties.
Only Baringo county failed to pass the BBI bill in a sitting that was marred with chaos where a number of MCAs were hurt.
So far County assembly speakers have been taking the passed documents to the senate and nationally assembly speakers awaiting Mps to debate it.
President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga are the brain child behind the document and have been calling on Kenyans to support it.
“This is a nice document and it will reduce post election violence and increase constituencies hence creating job opportunities to many Kenyans,” said the head of state.
Odinga called on those fighting the document to stop it as it is meant to help many Kenyans.

“It is time we must realize change, we can’t advance when sitting in the same position, a comfortable zone is dangerous for Kenyans let’s have different things in place,” he called on Kenyans.


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