Wamboka calls on Bumula residents to elect development conscious leader in 2022


Wamboka said Bumula residents have lagged behind for long and its time they focused on electing a people’s minded leader in 2022.

A Bumula politician Jack Wanami Wamboka had asked area residents to consider electing him in 2022 so that he can develop the region.

Speaking at Mayanja Catholic Church in West bukusu during a Mass presided over by Father Baro, Wamboka said that Bumula needs a hands on leader who will change its fortunes.

While addressing the congregation, Wamboka thanked residents of Kibuke for always standing with him.

He asked them not to tire praying and supporting him as he campaigns to represent them in parliament.

“Bumula is ranked amongst the poor constituencies in the country, the area needs a hands on leader who will help change the fortunes of its people, am that kind of a person who will steer this area into the greater heights,” said Wamboka.

He took the opportunity to highlight his programs to change the face of Bumula through education support under Wanami wamboka foundation where Kibuke already has 6 beneficiaries.

He asked the church to identify three other needy, bright students so that he can settle their fees.

“I value education, it is the only equaliser between the rich and the poor, that’s why my foundation will cater for 300 needy students at a tune of Sh2.2 million,” he said.

As part of his continued support to Bumula churches, Wamboka presided over a fund’s drive to finish construction of the iconic church as the chief guest.

“This has been my church in kibuke and I will always support it and the people. As I walk my journey of bettering Bumula, please walk with me.” said Wamboka.


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