Dr.Mukhisa Kituyi is an elitist and doesn’t augur well with the common Mwananchi


The political landscape, the constitution and the dictates of democracy provide for opportunity for anyone to seek consent from the Kenyan populace to lead them and as such the Mukhisa candidature is welcome.

Dr. Kituyi comes from a background of a wealth of experience in politics, administration, Governance and international public service at the helm of UNCTAD where his performance is engraved on steel. 
With such kind of curriculum vitae, he passes as one of the best fit for kenyan Presidency. 
His launch of presidential quest upon his resignation and entry to the country was also cupped in ideals of economic prosperity and poverty eradication, concepts Kenya needs and so badly so.
However, away from ideals, experience and international good will, the locality of politics pause a political reality that injects sudden uncertainty in his candidature.

Part political reality in Kenya is that ideals arent the biggest sales on the political market, tribal arithmetic and galvanised constituencies are the tools of political trade in the run up to formation of coalitions since its a pipe dream for any contender to cross the 50+1 mark alone. 
This is the reason, top contenders like Hon.William Ruto and Raila Odinga, first have the currency of their tribal weight and other created constituencies such as the ‘Hustler Nation’.
Dr. Mukhisa Kitui will have to do a lot of work to first galvanise the western region where he comes from before he can squarely sit on the table on worthwhile contenders,  a task that is quite uphill since Musalia Mudavadi has made the search for Luhya unity his business since 2017. 
A business that has seen him achieve the seemingly impossible reality of working together with Ford Kenya’s Moses Wetangula. 
For Mukhisa to make sense, he must convince the pact of Musalia and Wetangula to drop their ambitions and coelesce around him, a point easier said than done.
For now Mukhisa presents the right colour to the race but his impact on numbers is wanting.

Even his effect on Musalia candidature in Western is nothing to be feared about since he wears the unfortunate tag of a ‘spoiler’ out to work to the detriment of the long sort after luhya unity.
Daktari needs to climb down the ladder of international and corporate service and face the political realities in the country which he should be aware of having served in Kenyan politics. 
Until then, his ambition is nothing but good fodder for political discussion that adds colour to the already colourful 2022 race.

Mundalo M Advice

Political and Communication Strategist.


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