The Kenya National Qualifications Authority (KNQA) and the Immigration Services Department have agreed to partner in order to stamp out fake certificates.

KNQA chairman Dr Kilemi Mwiria, Director General Dr Juma Mukhwana and Immigration Services Department Director Mr Alexander Muteshi   agreed that only high quality and genuine qualifications will be admissible in the country.

The two institutions also promised to work together to promote Kenya, as a training hub to support the Africa Continental Free Trade Area(AfCFTA) and integration which will support free movement of people, skills and services across the continent.
Dr Mwiria said about 30,000 students from Africa are coming into the country each year to study and therefore the partnership with the Immigration Service Department will ensure that only those with genuine academic documents from their home countries are allowed to study in the country.

The chairman added that the authority is seeking to bring equity to the qualifications sector so that those with money do not buy academic documents and disadvantage those who have gone to school and worked hard.
Mr Muteshi who was also accompanied by senior directors at the Immigration Services Department during the meeting at His Nyayo House office, said the Department will support the authority in its endeavors given that foreign citizens seeking education in the country have to pass through the department in orderr to obtain student Visas and students.

The two agencies agreed that all students coming into the country to study, will have their certificates recognized and verified by KNQA before they are enrolled for studies in the country.
Already regional blocks are working on East Africa Qualifications Framework and IGAD framework.
African Union (AU) is also working to establish the African Continental Qualifications Framework (ACQF) noting that integrated Africa is a major transformational outcome of the Agenda 2063 as it will encompass, amongst others, free movement of persons, free trade, customs union, common transport market and an African common education space.


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