Wanyonyi is now the Jubilee Chairman in Bungoma, wants Mukhisa to vie on it for 2022 Presidency


Martin Wanyonyi a renowned human rights activist is now the self proclaimed Bungoma County Jubilee party Chairman.

Wanyonyi says he has taken over the party and revamp the party after the former chairman John Waluke joined United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party.
Addressing the press in Bungoma, Wanyonyi expressed his confidence in taking the party and revamping it to attract many members.
The County Jubilee Party outgoing organizing secretary noted that there is no vacuum in leadership and he has taken up upon himself to ensure its growth.
“Leadership deserves regular appearance of its leaders, we can’t leave the party to people who are not interested, I have taken over from Sirisia Mp so that everything goes on as planned,” he said.
He called on Jubilee Party leader President Uhuru Kenyatta theSecretary General Raphael Tuju to support him so that he can grow the party in the county.
“Am capable of growing the party tentacles in the County through a well planned recruitment drive what I need is a proper strategy and financial help,” he said.
He now wants Waluke to officially hand over the post to him so that he can revitalize the party and popularize it.
“Waluke is now busy campaigning for a UDA candidate in the Kabuchai by elections slated for March 4, he has forgotten that he needs to popularize Jubilee party, members are now confused,” he said. 
Wanyonyi who is the Chairman of the civil society organizations in Bungoma County called on the former UNCTAD CEO Mukhisa Kituyi to use Jubilee party as his express vehicle for 2022 presidency.
“Am asking my best friend Dr.Mukhisa to come and use Jubilee, it is an established party that has got all the structures,” he said.
Wanyonyi stated that if Dr.Mukhisa Kituyi uses Jubilee party, he can easily trounce other presidential candidates in 2022.


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