Yara East Africa launches pocket-friendly fertilizer for smallholder maize farmers in Kenya


Smallholder maize farmers will now be able to get a 5 multi-nutrient fertilizer at an affordable price.

This follows the introduction of Yara Microp fertilizer into the market.

“In keeping with our promise to work with farmers in provision of fertilizer that meets the nutritional needs of the various crops they grow, we at Yara East Africa have developed a blended fertilizer, Yara Microp, which we are officially launching into the market today,” noted Kefa Maranga, Regional Agronomist, East Africa.

Yara Microp fertilizer is a micronutrient fertilizer that provides extra nutrients of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Ammoniacal Nitrogen, Sulphur and Zinc to the maize crop, allowing it to grow healthier and stronger.

The zinc element in the fertilizer helps the maize develop an early rooting system and maintain a green and healthy look as it grows. Sulphur on the other hand helps the maize in production of its own food enabling the crop to have a good yield.

“Zinc helps in grain filling and increased grain weight while Sulphur improves utilization of nitrogen and reduces susceptibility to diseases,” Kefa added on to say.

Samuel Murono Territorial Manager, Yara East Africa’s Western and Nyanza region, noted that smallholder maize farmers in the region upon utilizing Yara Microp for planting and Yara Microp for top dressing, will have an opportunity to increase yields to meet their needs and earn an extra coin through sales from the quality maize harvest.

“We at Yara are constantly providing agronomical support to the farmers and develop fertilizer that is less acidifying to the soils and provides the macro and micro nutrients needed for a good yield. 

This is what Yara Microp aims to provide to its smallholder farmers who constitute to 70% of our stakeholders,” he explained.

Addressing the Press at Sawan Hotel in Bungoma town on Tuesday February 2, 2021, Murono further advised smallholder farmers to embrace use of good quality fertilizer in their agronomical practices for maximum benefit of good crop nutrition and yields.

“Maize growing remains a major farming activity in this region, the bread basket region. As farmers prepare for the March planting season, they can now access Yara Microp fertilizer from our outlets as it is readily available at a pocket-friendly price,” he noted.

They were speaking at the launch of Yara Microp fertilizer and sensitization forum on the same, in Bungoma county, a forum that brought together more than 70 agro dealers, distributors and retailers from Bungoma and Busia counties.


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