Wamboka rescues a female student pays her full year fees


A philanthropist cum politician Jack Wanami Wamboka has paid the whole year school fees for one student.

The form two bright but needy student Diana Makokha was a happy one after her school fees was settled.
The Namaika secondary school student could not hide her joy after the politician paid her fees.
Speaking at St.Peter’s Namaika sub parish in Mabusi Wamboka said that he was satisfied with the student performance the reason that made him cater for her fees.
“Diana is a bright girl, the only disadvantage is that her parents are unable to raise her school fees, this issue prompted me to cater for her fees,” he said.
Wamboka added, “Poverty should not be a hindrance for her achieving her future dreams, education is the key to unlock future jobs for her,” he said
Wamboka also donated 50 bags of cement for the construction of the church.

“The Church Priest and Elders had requested for my help, I responded by buying them cement which will be used in the construction of the house of God,” he said.
On Saturday Wamboka came to the aid of Wacholi primary school in Kibuke that had been declared unfit for learning due to lack of school toilets. 
The Bumula politician donated 15 bags of Cement and promised to increase the number of construction materials in future.

Wamboka also paid full year fees for a bright but needy student from Wacholi as part of his continued support to education through Wamboka Foundation. 
He also called upon the county government to repair the bridge and road that has hampered transport to the school.


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