Two security guards hacked to death at Premier Resort Chwele in a night of terror


Two watchmen guarding Premier Resort in Chwele market, Kabuchai constituency, Bungoma county have been murdered.

The two were hacked to death by use of machetes and other weapons.
Chwele market is the second best fresh air market in East and Central Africa apart from Kirinyaga in Central Kenya.
The market centre as experienced a number of insecurity matters that mostly target local business people.
Majority of them especially hoteliers and bar owners have been faced by insecurity challenges that led them to losing money to unknown thieves.
The duo were murdered in a gruesome way by unknown assailants on the night of January 27 and their bodies were found in the pool of blood.
Confirming the incident, Habiba Olali, the operations manager at the facility, said that the death of the two watchmen was a blow to the hotel industry.

She said that the thieves also broke into the bar counter, stole money, six TV sets and expensive alcohol.
“They took their time, they ransacked the entire bar and stole anything at their disposal before they left,” said Olali.
She added, “They were nice workers, they performed their duties very well and at no time have we realized such a gruesome murder, we are saddened,”.
Habiba blamed the police for not patrolling the market centre despite the bar being only 500 metres from the Chwele police station.
“There is curfew, majority businesses close before 9pm, who are these people who have got the greenlight to roam at night and causing havoc in the market centre? She posed.
Moses Wekesa, a nephew of one of the killed security guard, blamed police for not launching patrols at night.
“This market has realized a number of break ins but in several bars but no suspect has been arrested so far, police should do their work,” he said.
Wekesa also called on Inspector General of police Hillary Mutyambai to transfer police officers who have overstayed in Chwele for over five years.

“They are now colluding with criminals, they no longer care about the locals who carry their businesses here, it is sad that we have lost innocent men whose only evil thing was to fend for their families,” he said.
Their bodies were picked by police officers and taken to Bungoma County Referral Hospital Mortuary.


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