Club Mouse and Pork Centre set to be opened in Bungoma


A high end restaurant is set to be opened in Bungoma town.

Club Mouse and Pork centre construction is almost complete at Sunrise hotel along Bungoma-Kanduyi highway.

According to the club owner Munoko Wamoto, the club will cater for all customers and especially the Pork lovers while at the same time enjoying a serene environment that is far from the urban noise depending on its location.

“This will be a high end hotel that caters for all customers, we will ensure you come again after visiting it for the first time,” he said.

Wamoto continued, “This is one is going to one of the best hotels in the county, we have borrowed all the designs and cooking style from abroad, you will enjoy our food and drinks at an affordable price,”.

Club Mouse and Pork centre will employ local people and will ensure that they are empowered economically.

Munoko added that for a long time Bungoma has lacked a nice Club where revelers can sit enjoy their favourite drinks as they devour pork meat at a serene environment.

“Now the opportunity for you here we care about you and your family and will treat you to a classy reception,” he said.


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