Sifuna Must Stop Undermining Havi, The Infighting Exposes Us -Western Youth Council


Youths in Western Kenya have raised their disappointment with which ODM Secretary General and LSK President Nelson Havi are tearing at each other in public.

Both Sifuna and havi are lawyers who are serving in different capacities.
In a press release, the Western Youth Council says it is disappointed, embarrassed and saddened by the unfolding events from the sons of Mulembe Nation.
The Council Secretary Wakoli Kunani says that the altercation is creating a bad image about Luhyas and making them look as if they are fighting in public.

“We the youth from Western Region are disappointed, embarrassed, and saddened by the ongoing and incessant evidently poor relations between our two brothers Sifuna and Havi,” he said. 
Kunani added, “We believe, hope and pray that it is only a small misunderstanding, which can be sorted out soon,”.
However, it seems Sifuna can’t just relax; especially after abusing and degrading our beloved mothers, sisters, wives and, collectively, women in Kenya. 
“Now he has come closer home, and has decided to take on our Luhya professionals,” he said. 
He continued, “The most prominent case is of course taking politics to the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) and engaging in endless fights with LSK President Nelson Havi,”.
Kunani stated that while it is healthy to have opposing views, it is indecent, unbecoming and uncouth to take politics to a professional body. 
“Sifuna’s actions are suspicious, particularly after admitting on a national television that he did not vote for Nelson Havi,” he said. 
Kunani averred that among Luhyas we are known as Mulembe people, which simply means peaceful people. We are asking Edwin Sifuna to stop reducing LSK leadership to a supremacy battle within the Luhya community.

“At this time when we’re approaching the next election. Do not be used by external dark forces to bring down our brother who is serving LSK diligently,” he said.
Kunani called on Sifuna to allow Havi to discharge his mandate as the duly elected and ratified LSK President.
“You are both sons of Mulembe. So, Sifuna relax: “Cheza chini.”


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