Wangamati reduced budget for subsidised farm inputs for needy residents not the county Assembly


Bungoma County Assembly claims Bungoma governor Wycliffe Wangamati reduced the allocation for subsidised farm inputs.

In a press release seen by it states that Wangamati reduced the allocation for the purchase of subsidised fertilizer and certified seeds.
The farm inputs always helps needy and vulnerable farmers in the county.
“The attention of the County Assembly of Bungoma is drawn to allegations that it reduced the budget for purchase of subsidized fertilizer and certified maize seeds for needy and vulnerable farmers,”. Read the press release.
The Assembly Public communication officer Erick Ngobilo says the claims which were clearly uncalled for were made by Agriculture executive Mathews Makanda during a morning interview on Sulwe FM. 
“Makanda’s claims that the County Assembly Members are behind the reduction is not only misleading, but also calculated to tarnish the good reputationof the Members and the County Assembly but also incite the residents against their elected representatives,” said Ngobilo.

He added, “The County Assembly approved the County Budget for Financial year 2020/2021 with an allocation of Sh94,950,000 that was meant to purchase fertilizer and maize seeds for 402 needy farmers,”.
He said that the Governor declined to assent to the budget and instead on 7th August, 2020 presented a memorandum to the County Assembly reducing various programmes and projects by a total of Sh135,000,000.
“Among the projects that were affected by the Governor’s memorandum was a reduction of the budget for purchase of fertilizer by Sh8,875,320.13,” read the press statement.
He added, “For avoidance of doubt and clarity of facts, It’s the Governor who reduced the allocation meant for purchase of fertilizer consequently leading to a reduction in the number of beneficiaries from 401 last year to 360 this year,”.
The assembly said that Makanda as the CECM in charge of Agriculture should take responsibility for the reduction. 
It averred that the memorandum for the reduction was approved at the cabinet where he sits as a Member. 
He was supposed to advise the Governor and lobby his colleagues to request for an increment.

“The County Assembly reiterates its commitment to continue championing 
the interests of the public. It will firmly but fair provide oversight and ensure prudent use of public funds,”. he said.
The media is urged to be fair and accurate and cross check all information that is brought to them before publishing the same.
“The budget and memorandum are public documents that can be scrutinized to ascertain the true position on the matter,” read the statement.


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