Wamboka set to release Sh2.2 million bursary to cater for 150 students in Bumula


150 bright and poor students in Bumula constituency are set to benefit from Sh2.2 million bursary funds courtesy of Wanami Wamboka foundation.

Speaking at Catholic Church during an event to deliver 1,200 iron sheets for the roofing, Wamboka said that he values education and he has strived to help those who are unable to find their education.
The iron sheets were donated by devolution cabinet secretary Eugene Wamalwa who was also present and handed them over to the presiding father.
“I am trying to add value to students and area residents, the bursary fund board is already working on selecting the beneficiaries, soon names will be out,” he said.

He pointed out that due to biting poverty, majority of bright students have dropped out school and have engaged in boda boda business while ladies have married off.
“I went through the same problem, the community funded my education and I have to reciprocate the same through friends,” he said.
Wamboka stated that he will soon have a team that will be working on identifying needy cases that will be funded through his foundation.

“School principals, opinion leaders, Chiefs and other community leaders will work in identifying those extreme cases that will be funded, they are the people who understand those deserving cases,” he said.
On politics, Wamboka said that he wants all politicians to unite and speak in one language.
“Let’s stop politics of deceit and envy, let’s embrace peace at all times so that we can achieve development,” he said.

He started that he will support the current Bumula Mp Mwambu Mabongah to achieve his development initiative but area residents will make a decision in 2022.
“Leaders should support each other, I support the current governor and will work in helping Mabongah achieve his goals,” he said.


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