Blow to Kabuchai’s Jubilee candidate as the party fronts Ford Kenya flag bearer


An aspirant who was vying on a jubilee party in the forthcoming  Kabuchai parliamentary  is crying foul over the party’s headquarter decision  to endorse a Ford Kenya candidate  by withdrawing  his candidature.

Joseph Simiyu Wekesa alias Majimbo Kalasinga is the Ford Kenya flag bearer in the forth coming Kabuchai by-election.

Addressing the press in Bungoma town, Dr.Evans Makokha who had paid up the party’s mandatory fee and even his name forwarded by the party to IEBC now says his party erred in declaring that it has withdrawn his candidature and  support a FordKenya candidate .

“I wasn’t  consulted and on that note putting to doubt the kind of democracy in our party Jubilee, I had done everything within the party requirements and even the party itself forwarded my name to IEBC only for a few operatives to come out in a press and declare they wil support a Ford Kenya candidate,” Said Makokha .

Jubilee party  Secretary-General Raphael Tuju last week while addressing a press conference at their headquarters  ,  said the party wont field candidates in the upcoming by-elections in Matungu and Kabuchai parliamentary seats and Machakos senatorial seat.

Tuju said the party made the decision, not to field the candidates,  in line with its position to unify the country in line through the Building Bridges Initiative.

Tuju said the vacant seats were previously held by Ford Kenya and ANC, parties which are friendly to the ruling party.

“We are enjoying a good engagement with Wiper, ANC and Ford Kenya. The decision is in line with Jubilee bigger picture of unifying the country,” he said.

However Makokha questioned why the jubilee party had allowed him pay the nomination fee of hundred thousands  shillings and  even forwarded his name to IEBC as required by law only to change later.

He said he only received a call from the Jubilee party secretary general Raphael Tuju while attending the IEBC meeting with aspirants telling him to withdraw without any explanation.

“How on earth do you just tell to withdraw from a race  yet I have invested so much in it with no proper explanation to myself and my supporters ,”Said Makokha

Makokha said he had immense pressure from his supporters not to let it go vowing he will not step back.

Makokha said the decision by Jubilee to declare it will support a Ford Kenya and withdrawing his candidature without consulting hi was un constitutional and blow to democracy.

He said he was in tight corner because legal frame works and couldn’t move to any other party nor vie as independent candidate because of strict timelines .

“We are in a tight corner because we cant move and we are going to be forced to support candidate opposed to jubilee ,”he said


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