If it wasn’t for my Karate Skills, I could be dead by now, Journalist recounts


A Journalist corresponding for TV47 in Bungoma County Mike Kaguongo has recounted the story on the day he was almost killed.

It was on Friday, 8th Jan 2021 at around 2300hrs when I was going home from work. Suddenly, a Tuktuk (Town service vehicles) stopped by, with five men on board.
At first I thought a passenger was alighting. But alas!  One of the thugs accosted me in the name of a police officer, asking why I didn’t have my mask on?. 
Abruptly, he snatched my phone and passed it over to his friends back in the tuktuk. 
They were about to take off when the driver asked them to take me with them to the station, which I agreed. 
However, I felt something was not adding up so I preferred hanging by the door. 
They turned and headed towards the station, my residence being along the route.
I beseeched them to  return my phone, in exchange with the cash I had with me, but to no avail. 
They instead kept punching me in the head, barking ‘acha tufike kwanza’ (wait until we reach the station).
At the back of my mind I was conjuring up a plan  jump off the tuktuk once we reached my residence and call for help from my neighbors, which I did.

Upon reaching my place, I shoved my way out of the tuktuk, and managed to pull one of them from outside. 
I engaged him in a fist fight, before his accomplices came to his rescue. That’s when I began shouting for help.
Fortunately, my neighbors arrived and by then I was in a fist-fight with four thugs. My neighbors’ arrival to the scene scared the thugs, who fled immediately.
I however, managed to get hold of one of them.
I was exhausted and eventually became unconscious. 
When I finally came around I discovered that irate neighbors had attacked the suspect.
That’s when one of my neighbors offered me a phone and I called my wife, whom I instructed to contact my colleagues to come over and take me to hospital. 
She was in the village, in Kitale. In about 20mins or thereabout, a K2 TV reporter John Makuba (Mentor Jay) arrived and rushed me to Dawameds hospital where I was admitted till the following day. 
The suspect was however apprehended and arraigned in court on Monday 11th Jan 2021. OB no 14/9/01/2021. 
The matter is in the court, and I thank God l’m getting better. 

A skull x-ray was done, and fortunately there was no any fructure.
I thank all who stood with me in prayers and any kind of assistance to save my life. God bless you all.


Mike KaguongoTv 47, Bungoma


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