Ugandan national arrested in Busia County with an AK47 rifle with 30 rounds of ammunitions


A Ugandan national has been arrested in Kenya with a firearm.
The suspect was apprehended on January 11, 2021 at about 1030 hrs by police officers based at Adung’osi police station.

The officers were on patrol in Adung’osi, Teso South sub county, Busia County when they stopped a motor cycle carrying two pillion passengers but the rider defied to stop and as a result he sped off. 
“They gave him a chase and managed to arrest one pillion passenger. On carrying out a thorough search they discovered having in his possession an AK 47 rifle serial not visible loaded with 30 rounds of ammunition,”. Read the report.
The suspect identified as Chandi John, a Ugandan aged 42 yrs hails from Tororo Kisoko location, Nyang’ori sub/lotion. 

“He has been placed in custody awaiting further action and rifle kept as an exhibit,” read the report.
Police officers are pursuing his two accomplished who fled and establish the intention of the firearm.
The porous Kenya-Uganda border has been a sources of smuggling firearms and other illegal goods.


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