Mukhisa Kituyi’s announcement to vie for Presidency jolts Mudavadi, Wetang’ula


United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Secretary General Mukhisa Kituyi has announce to vie for Presidency.

The announcement to vie in 2022 is a litmus test for both ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi and his Ford Kenya counterpart Moses Wetang’ula.
Kituyi who was once a powerful minister during former President Mwai Kibaki’s regime is a shrewd politician who should not be wished away.
Mudavadi and Wetang’ula will now have to change their campaign tactics in a bid to woo the Luhya community after Kituyi made it public to compete them.
Kituyi is already shopping for the new party he would use to run for presidency”I don’t want to use anybody’s party, my own party whose registration is at an advanced stage will propel me to presidency in 2022,” he said.
Reports has earlier indicated that Kituyi was likely to vie for presidency on Ford Kenya if the coup had succeeded and the Kanduyi Mp Wafula Wamunyinyi led faction snatched it from Moses Wetang’ula.
However, Kituyi disassociated himself from what he termed as ‘petty wars for a small’.
“Am vying for the country’s presidency, why should I fight to pick a party that is in shells? I will soon unveil my own party and everything is set, watch this space,” he said.
The 65 year’s technocrat was once a Kimilili Mp before the region was divided into Kimilili and Tongaren constituencies.

The current Kimilili Mp is the firebrand politician Didmus Barasa while Tongaren is led by Ford Kenya Secretary General Dr. Eseli Simiyu.
So far the Luhya land has three presidential aspirants who have shown interests to lead the country in 2022.
“My journey to state house is unstoppable, currently am the best placed person to lead this country owing to the experience I have earned during the international assignment,” said Mukhisa while meeting youths in Matungu constituency, Kakamega county last week.
Mukhisa whose term at the Geneva based organization ends in August 2021 is likely to call it quits probably early enough to concentrate on his presidential campaigns.
“Wait for the big news when I announce my resignation any time soon, Kenya is my country and am ready to serve it as the president,” he said.
The announcement as jolted a political heat hence taking Mudavadi and Wetang’ula into the drawing board.

Mukhisa who made an announcement to go for the Country’s top seat in Bungoma has so far crisscrossed Bungoma, Trans Nzoia and Kakamega Counties to cement his Presidential bid.
He has so far met the key opinion leaders including the youth, women leaders, elders and political opinion shapers.
He joined the UN body in September 2013 and has served for two successful terms which ends this year.
“I want to make sure that we raise the sinking economic boat, the country is bleeding while Kenyans are suffering, majority are jobless while a number have lost their jobs,” he said. 
However, a section of Kenyans on social media described him as an elitist who doesn’t augur well with grassroot Kenyans.
“He is a nondescript, a greenhorn with the current Kenyan politics, he has been away on the international assignment for too long, even if he goes for Tongaren parliamentary seat, he is likely to lose it,” said Daniel Wekesa.
Seth Waliuba said, “Mukhisa is just being used likely by the deep state to scuttle the Luhya unity, he wants to divide Ruto’s votes, he knows very well that he can’t beat either Ruto or Raila Odinga, I hate a selfish person,”.
Winrose Change averred, “Let Mukhisa support Ruto, he can have a good chance of getting a slot in his government rather than being used to fight him in Luhyaland where he has made political strides,”.

During the burial of Mudavadi’s mother in Mululu, Vihiga county, President Uhuru Kenyatta said that he won’t hesitate to support another person out of the two tribes who have ruled this country.
This was taken by a section of political pundits to mean that he had endorsed Mudavadi as his preferred candidate.The announcement was opposed by the deputy president William Ruto who dismissed Kenyatta’s utterances as mere nonsense.
“Politics of tribes is long gone, we choose somebody based on his transformative agenda and Ideologies, the issue of tribes should not feature anywhere,” Ruto said at a Church in Kayole Nairobi City County. 


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