Magoha orders Chiefs to look for missing learners, pregnant girls and take them back to school


Education cabinet secretary Prof. George Magoha has called on National Government Administration Officers (Ngao) to help in identifying missing children and pregnant ones and take them to school.

Addressing the press after inspecting Bungoma DEB primary school in Bungoma county, Magoha said that Chiefs and their assistants are in a better position to help in getting lost and pregnant children back to school.
“Let Ngao officers formerly provincial administration officers help us identify missing children,we need them in school urgently to carry on with their education, also persuade the pregnant ones to report to school, pregnancy is not a disease,” said Magoha.

He stated that a number of children are yet to report to various schools and administration officers will be on the look out to understand their whereabouts and take them back to school.
He further insisted that on matter of desks, the artisans given the tenders to make them will be paid by Monday.
“The government has already released Sh500 million to pay for artisans who have delivered desks to schools, those who haven’t delivered should  work over this weekend and deliver them by Monday,” he said.

The CS called on officers concerned with the payment to do them correctly to stop hurting artisans over non payment.
On school fees Magoha stated that no principal or head teacher is allowed to sent any child home over non-payment or fee arrears in secondary schools.
“No child should be sent home over school fees, if the board agrees it should be voluntary for parents with fee arrears to pay but not a must,” he said.
Magoha assured school principals and parents that the government had released Sh4 billion to primary schools and Sh14.6 billion to public secondary schools for free education.

“Principals should stop being funny by sending children home it won’t be accepted at all.
He emphasised on the need of the principal and board of management to sometimes agreeing with the parents who can afford to pay fees or agree with parents on how they can chip in to foster development of the school but not through force.
“Don’t sent children home, their parents might have been sacked, stay in slums or their companies have folded due to corona pandemic or other factors that is hurting the economy,” said Magoha. 
Present were Bungoma county commissioner Samwel Kimiti, school principal Tobias Khisa among other key leaders


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