Waluke Should Stop Undermining Dr Mukhisa Kituyi -Bungoma Activists Warn


Bungoma based human rights activists have called on Sirisia Mp John Waluke to apologize for the remark he made against a Presidential aspirant Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi.

Addressing the press in Bungoma on January 5, Bungoma NGO’s Chairman Martin Wanyonyi said Waluke erred by dismissing Kituyi’s declaration to view for presidency in 2022.
“As the lobby group, we are perturbed by the remarks of the law maker who belittled Kituyi on a local radio station, his remarks negates the values and rights of Luhya leader who are emerging to fight for the bigger seat,” he said.
Wanyonyi said that it was in bad light to despise Dr. Kituyi as a non starter yet he is holding a powerful position in world.
“Mukhisa Kituyi is one of the brightest minds from Luhyaland and Kenya at large owing to the position he is currently holding as the Secretary General of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), there is no way you can despise him,” said Wanyonyi.
Waluke had accused Dr. Kituyi of being used by outsiders to divide the Luyhaland votes through through his announcement to go for presidency.

“We don’t have serious Presidential candidates in Luhya land, the entry of Dr. Kituyi is inconsequential and he will end up just like ANC Boss Musalia Mudavadi and his Ford Kenya counterpart Moses Wetang’ula,” said Waluke.

The Bungoma County Jubilee party chairman said that little can be said of Kituyi while he was the Kimilili Mp and a powerful minister.

“Even after getting the UN job, he hasn’t employed nor empowered Kenyan youths, why should we allow him to be our president?” Posed Waluke.
He accused him of running for Presidency only to spoil chances for Musalia and Mudavadi bids.
However, Wanyonyi cautioned Waluke from making negative statements against Kituyi but instead allow him traverse the country to win support from allover the country.
“We will support a serious candidates like Kituyi who has come out to announce his presidential ambition, we will not follow other people blindly as they plan to auction our community to the highest bidder, ” he said. 

He added, “Our only current bull is Mukhisa and soon it will be moving out to look for heifers, let Mukhisa lead us Luhyas, he as attracted the curiosity of all Kenyans,”.


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