400 people benefit from foodstuffs and face masks in West Nalondo courtesy of Polycarp Wandabusi


Chemwa village residents were treated to a rare Christmas and New Year feat when they received foodstuffs and face masks courtesy of the businessman.

Over 400 people benefited from Christmas and New Year food as away of giving back to the community.
The West Nalondo ward people were a happy lot when a renowned business man Polycarp Wandabusi donated foodstuffs and face masks to mark the end of the year in style.
They received wheat flour, cooking fat, rice and sugar plus face masks to curb the spread of the global pandemic Covid-19.

The businessman also involved himself in the anti bed bugs campaign where he used the red cross employees in spraying the deadly bugs.
The anti bed bug campaign also involved #ikuweIikuwe Movement and Bungoma Chemists led by it’s CEO Edward Simiyu alias eDDUh

“Am giving backk to the society, when God blesses you, you also bless others, I have been this for quite some time, I eat with my people,” he said.
Wandabusi who unsuccessfully vied for the West Nalondo ward seat in 2017 has been giving back to the society despite losing in the last general election.
Wandabusi has been steadfast in helping his people despite the fact that they never voted for him.

“Leadership calls for perseverance and failing to capture the seat doesn’t stop me from sharing the little resources I have, these are my people and as such I will continue helping them with the little God has entrusted me with,” he said.
Wandabusi, the proprietor of 430 resort in Chemwa, West Nalondo ward in Kabuchai constituency also runs other businesses in Nakuru, Nairobi and Mombasa.

“Each person needs to be happy this festive season and that is the reason I have decided to share with them,” he said.


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