DP Ruto, Bamutilu clansmen endorse Kakai to run as an independent candidate for Kabuchai seat


A Parliamentary aspirant for the Kabuchai seat got a boost from the deputy President William Ruto and will run as the independent candidate.

Kakai said that initially DP Ruto had suggested that he vies on a party that is yet to be unveiled but his Bamutilu clansmen endorsed him to run as an independent candidate.
“This is to enable him get more votes from across the vast constituency, the new party won’t augur well with other voters,” said one of the clan old man.

Kakai said that it wasn’t an easy task to settle as an independent candidate but because of the guidance from his clansmen and women, they eventually agreed. 
During the event held at his Father’s home in Nalondo village, West Nalondo ward over 1,000 Bamutilu clan members in Western region attended.
Present were his maternal clansmen the Bakolati.

Kakai will run for the Kabuchai Parliamentary seat during the by election slated for March 4, 2021.
The by election was occasioned by the death of the immediate Mp James Lusweti.
Lusweti was buried on December 14 at his Sanandiki village home in Chwele.The Kabuchai and Matungu constituency by elections have been set out for March 4, 2021.

Matungu Mp Justus Murunga succumbed to what was believed to be covid-19 pandemic.
Evans Kakai who is a former Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) director has declared to vie for the seat and is likely to succeed the late Lusweti in Parliament.

He said that during his short stint at the KRA, he managed to employed a number of people including his clansmen and friends.
“I now need your moral, physical and financial support as I face this tough task ahead of the by elections,” he said.

He said that the Deputy President had suggested that he vies on United Democratic Alliance (UDA), a party associated with Ruto but his clansmen advised otherwise so as to capture the larger number.


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