‘Kenyans can’t get confused by reading BBI report, get them the documents,” Ruto tells Raila


The deputy president William Ruto has asked ODM party leader Raila Odinga to allow Kenyans get the BBI report booklets and read them.

Speaking during the burial of Kabuchai Mp James Lusweti at Sanandiki primary school in Bungoma, Ruto said that by reading them, they will understand and make the right decision.
“Let’s work together to develop this country, let’s not despise Kenyans while planning to change the constitution, through BBI,” he said.
Ruto asked Kenyans to get the BBI copies and read for themselves, understand it before making any decision on it.
He accused ODM party leader Raila Odinga to stop forcing the document into Kenyans because they can read and understand it by themselves.

“He said that they can get confused if they read it, the same Kenyans voted in the President, Mp, senator, woman Rep and MCAs yet they didn’t get confused?” he posed.
Ruto added, “Let’s change politics, we need to change the constitution but must capture the lowly, let’s also advance the hustler story, small businesses will also one day grow,”.

Ruto described the late Kabuchai Mp James Lusweti as a loving, hard working and a leader with a distinction.
“Despite us being elected on different parties, we worked together for the sake of our people, Lusweti never despised any one,” said Ruto.
He said that they developed friendship with the late which saw him visit his constituency four times to launch development projects.
“Terem water project, Sanandiki primary where i bought land expansion after giving him Sh2 million,” he said.
The DP also pointed out the government will help in increasing courses offered at Sichei KMTC in Kabuchai constituency.
“Sichei KMTC currently only offers health records and we will add nutrition course from next year then after the expansion we will need to add other two courses including medical engineering,” said Ruto
He asked Bungoma governor to allocate some money to the training institution and the national government will top it with other amount. 
He observed that Kisiwa Technical Training Institute had 600 in 2018 and when the government through the African Development Bank donated more equipments the student population has increased to 3,500.

“He visited our offices as a Kenyan who deserved development for his people despite the political difference,” said Ruto.
The DP pledged to purchase a school bus for Sanandiki Girls high school.
“I will work with any leader who will be elected so that they are able to complete the remaining term,” he said.


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