Webuye businessman pledges to build a homeless widow a decent house


It is all system go for a homeless widow in Webuye as a renowned businessman pledges to build her a nice house.

The kind businessman has been using his own resources to help the under-served people in the surrounding community.
“It is an early Christmas for Mama Violet Nasimiyu, a homeless widow hailing from Matulo after Steve Kaiser Foundation came to her rescue,” read a statement.
It added, “We are glad to be of help to the less privileged,” said Foundation Coordinator Isaac Wanjekeche while handing over building materials. 

The Steve Kaiser Foundation Coordinator further said the program to eradicate grass thatched houses in the region is ongoing. 
It’s good to note that since Inception, the foundation has built over 15 houses in the larger Webuye sub-county.
Kaiser is one of the few individuals who has been using his resources to help people in Webuye and the larger Bungoma county.
“People have been coercing me to run for a political seat but am not interested,I better serve them as a businessman rather than plunging myself into the murky world of politics,” he said.
He said that his foundation always seeks to help poor people in society and he will strife to better their lives.

“As a businessman I can serve the society in my capacity, it is not a must for me to be a politician to serve them, let this mentality not cross my mind,” he said sometimes back during an interview with this writer.
Reports indicated that he would go for Matulo ward MCAs seat in Webuye West constituency but he vehemently refuted to the claims and pledged to carry on with his businesses which he claim are making good profit for him.


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