I have no solution to demands by striking health workers, Wangamati owns up


By Tony Wafula

Bungoma governor Wycliffe Wangamati has told the striking health workers that he has no ability to handle their demands as the national government has the solution.

Addressing striking nurses and clinical officers he urged them to remain calm as their issues are being handled.

“The issues that are being demanded by health workers must be addressed by the national government, our hands as the county government are tied,” said Wangamati.

The county CEO assured nurses and clinical officers who were contracted in 2011 and 2014 that they will be receiving their promotion letters in two weeks times.

This follows a standstill in Bungoma town where the health workers demonstrated demanding for their pay.

They visited the County government headquarters as they sang Bukusu circumcision song demanding the address from county boss.

This is the second week of the nurses’ strike as they call on the government of Bungoma to act with speed and settle their demands.

Simon Omar the chairman Kenya Union Clinical Officers (CUSO) Bungoma branch blamed the County government for neglecting their demands as Covid-19 pandemic bites.

“We have lost many doctors to this pandemic, nurses have vowed not to resume until the government settles our demands,” he said.

He accused the government for failing to provide nurses with Personal Protective equipment (PPEs), adding that some of them have worked for so long without being given promotions.

“Nurses from other counties have been promoted to next levels, but Bungoma County is always behind I urge Wangamati to take this issue positively we are not here to oppose him,” he said.

He also said that a good number of  nurses lack  universal insurance cover despite being on the frontline in fighting Covid-19 pandemic, adding those who were contracted under Universal health coverage have gone without pay.

He added that those medics who are above 55 and with underlying conditions should not be put on the frontline in fighting against Covid-19.

“Some of the nurses have underlying medical conditions, the government should stop risking their life,” he said.


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