Girl Child Initiative lobby group condemns Lugulu Girls’ incident


The girl child advocacy group the Girls Girls advocacy Initiative has condemned the alleged defilement at Lugulu girls high school.

The GAI patron Rebecca Masibayi has raised concern over the issue that is bedevilling the school and should be investigated.
“I hereby write to express our concerns and condemn with utmost clarity, the cause of Lugulu girls demonstration,” she wrote.
She added, “It is the right of every child to access quality education and be protected at all costs by the authorities in whose care, the parents have bestowed responsibility,”.
The patron similarly said it is the right of teachers and employees at any given institution of learning to be accorded protection at all times while on duty within the institution. 

“I therefore call upon the Ministry of education, Teachers Service commission and the Management of Lugulu Girls to move with speed and unravel the truth regarding the defilement allegations in Lugulu Girls,” said Masibayi.
She pointed out that Lugulu is a school of high repute that has not only served the Girl-child from Bungoma but also throughout the country. 
“It is a school that we are proud of and therefore, we must guard the good culture and the safety of the girls, teachers and employees at all times,” she said. 

She started that GAI wishes the rape victim quick recovery as we urge the police to uncover the perpetrators of such heinous acts in schools and bring them to book.
The students blamed the school principal for failing to handle the issue despite reporting it to her.

“She is very rough, never listens and always dismisses us, this is a serious issue that must be handled with care,” said a student.


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