Prof Ngome Lashes At Kimilili Mp For Announcing To Oppose BBI


Bungoma deputy governor Prof.Charles Ngome has lashed at Kimilili Mp Didmus Barasa for openly announcing to oppose the Building Bridges Initiative.

Speaking in Bumula on Friday November 27, Ngome attributed Barasa’s opposition to the BBI document for the extreme love of money.
“Barasa has announced to oppose the document by telling Kenyans not to append their signatures, he wants just to make money out of it, who doesn’t know that he loves money?,” he posed.
Ngome called on Kenyans not to listen to the law maker but instead make an informed decision by appending their signatures.
He started that he will champion for the passage of the document for it is nice for the common Mwananchi.
“The do ument will increase money in the counties and will also make Bungoma county get three more constituencies, this will help increase more money through CDF hence development will be realized,” he said.

Ngome pointed out that despite Barasa opposing the document, his boss who is the deputy president William Ruto seems to have reversed his early stand after some changes were made.
Ruto had earlier on called for a consensus on the BBI document asking those championing for it to make some changes before its passage.
He had highlighted on the issues of the imperial President, judicial officers being appointed by ombudsman picked by the president among others as the key issues that should be amended first before the process kicks off.
President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM party leader led Kenyans in launching the signature collection process on Monday.

They asked Kenyans to append their signatures as the process to get the nod through 4 million signatures kicked off.
However, Ngome said that as Bungoma county government they support BBI because it will help end post poll sightings.

Bungoma county governor Wycliffe Wangamati has been on the forefront calling on the area residents to support the BBI document 


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