Police gun down a youth in Malaba border for failing to put on a facemask


A youth was shot dead in Malaba border town in Busia county on the allegation of not putting on a facemask.

According to the video doing round on social media, the deceased identified as Ezekiel was shot dead on Friday evening by a police officer on patrol.
According to his brother whose identity is yet to be revealed is seen crying for help.

“My brother who is a hustler in Malaba border town and engages in washing people’s motorbikes was gunned down this evening by a police officer because of not putting on a facemask,” he said.
He added, “I tried to save his life by rushing him to Malaba dispensary but he succumbed to injuries before the ambulance arrived,”.
The brother who seem to be receiving many calls on his phone is overwhelmed by grief and breaks down as he talks to somebody as ‘Chief’.

According to an eye witness, the deceased was heading back home at around 7pm when he met police on patrol searching for people who were not adhering to the government health protocols.
“When he realized that he was about to be arrested he defied the order and tried to run that is when he was shot by a blood angry police officer,” he said.
He continued, “We are appealing to well wishes to come to our rescue, our family is poor, we can’t afford to burry him, stand with us,” he said.
Cases of police brutality and arbitrary arrests during this Covid-19 period has been on the rise with many human rights organizations condemning the incidences.
Efforts to get a comment from Malaba OCS we’re futile.

Malaba border town is synonymous with long distance trucks which stretches for Kilometres causing a major traffic snarl-up as they head to Uganda and other Easy African Countries.


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